04 June, 2008 /

Richfaces Styles Not Display In OC4J 11 Preview 4

Richfaces 3.2 require the xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar which is not available in OC4J 11 Preview 4.

  1. Download xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar from this url look for version 2.7.1

  2. Create a directory named "xerces.xml" in oc4j/lib/java/shared

  3. Changed to the new created directory and create another directory name "2.7"

  4. Unzip the file xalan-j_2_7_1-bin-2jars.tar.gz and copy xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar into oc4j/lib/java/shared/xerces.xml/2.7

  5. Modify your orion-application.xml to add the new shared library, the code are listed below:

    <remove-inherited name="oracle.xml">
    <import-shared-library name="xerces.xml">

  6. Modify your oracle server.xml to setup the xerces.xml shared library. Add the code listed below in your server.xml

    <shared-library name="xerces.xml" version="2.7" root-dir="${oracle.home}/lib/java/shared">
    <code-source path="*">

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03 June, 2008 /

Deploy Richfaces In To OC4J 11 Preview 4

The OC4J 11 Preview 4 didn't included JSF 1.2.05 which is required my RichFaces 3.2.0 SR1. Follow steps listed below to upgrade the OC4J 11 JSF library to version 1.2.05.

  1. Download the JSF 1.2.05 at this url

  2. Unzip jsf-1_2_05.zip into a temp directory.

  3. Copy jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar in the temp/jsf-1.2_05-b06-FCS/lib directory into temp directory.

  4. Rename the jsf-impl.jar to jsf-ri.jar in the temp directory.

  5. Remove the jsf-api.jar and jsf-ri.jar in the oc4j/lib/java/shared/oracle.jsf/1.2

  6. Copy jsf-ri.jar and jsf-api.jar in temp directory into the oc4j/lib/java/shared/oracle.jsf/1.2

Now you can start your OC4J and console will report the new version of JSF being running on the OC4J.

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08 May, 2008 /

Using Ant To Deploy EAR To OC4J

I just learn how to use Ant build to deploy ejb application into OC4J Version in Eclipse IDE. First need to add the ant-oracle.jar and ant-oracle-classes.jar file into Eclipse Ant. Follow steps listed below to complete the configuration.

  1. Select Windows->Preferences->Ant-Runtime->Classpath->Ant Home Entries.

  2. Click on the Add External Jar button.

  3. The ant-oracle.jar was located at $ORACLE_HOME\ant\lib

  4. The ant-oracle-classes.jar was located at $ORACLE_HOME\j2ee\ant-tasks\ant-oracle-classes.jar

Add the following target into your build file.

<target name="deploy-oc4j" depends="undeploy-oc4j">
<oracle:deploy deployerUri="${deployer.uri}"
userid="${oc4j.admin.user}" password="${oc4j.admin.password}"


deployer.uri = deployer:oc4j:localhost:23791
You can change the localhost to the oc4j server you want to deploy and the port 23791 is the default port, you can change according to your setting.

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30 April, 2008 /

Joining Trade Ship

Two months after my last project at iMocha ended, now i am joining Trade Ship Sdn. Bhd. as a software developer started from 14-04-2008. One year, work as freelancer it is a very good experience.

Finally i got a place to stay after fews week of searching. I rented a room near Setiawangsa LRT station, it is easy for me to get to work caused i didn't drive my car to KL.

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