Glassfish JMS Command

./asadmin list-jms-resources virtuoso-cluster

./asadmin list-jmsdest virtuoso-cluster

./asadmin create-jmsdest --desttype queue --target virtuoso-cluster FSGOutboundQueue

./asadmin create-jms-resource --restype javax.jms.Queue --target virtuoso-cluster --enabled=true --property Name=FSGOutboundQueue jms/FSGOutboundQueue

./asadmin create-jms-resource --restype javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory --target virtuoso-cluster --enabled=true --property Password=guest:UserName=guest jms/MyQueueCF


  1. SHiDi says

    Uh huh. Very useful (for people like me, that is).

    JMS seems to be taken lots of memory sometimes, thou. Damn troublesome.

    John Lee says

    JEE is for enterprise application , so hardware resources should not a issue for big corporation.